Coaching and Mentoring Supervision. Theory and Practice. 2nd edition (2021)

Paul wrote the first chapter of this book – ‘Supervision for Working Systemically’.

Coaching Systemically. Five Ways of Thinking About Systems (2021)

Paul wrote this book, which can be purchased from Routledge. The book also has its own website, with testimonials, papers and movies!

The Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching (2019)

Paul provided two chapters to this book on team coaching edited by David Clutterbuck, Judie Gannon, Sandra Hayes, Ioanna Iordanou, Krister Lowe,  and Doug Mackie.

The Tao of Dialogue (2019)

In this short book, Paul and six friends attempt to capture the essence of ‘dialogue’ and illustrate how coaches can use dialogue most effectively with individuals and teams. The seven authors talk about dialogue here.

Coaching in Three Dimensions. Meeting the Challenges of a Complex World (2018)

In this book Paul and Allen Moore argue that traditional approaches to coaching fail to account for the way organisations really work. The Three Dimensions offer a more connected, systemic approach, aligning coaching with the realities and challenges of organisations operating in an ever more complex world. You can explore the book through the following short videos; an overview followed by descriptions of traditional, dialogic and systemic approaches to coaching, and a section on coach development. You can also watch Paul present the Three Dimensions to an audience in London in 2019.

Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice (2018)

Gordon wrote chapter 3 of this book, about mindfulness and its role in coaching.

The SAGE Handbook of Coaching (2017)

Gordon edited this book together with Tatiana Bachkirova and David Drake. Paul wrote chapter 7, Coaching For Adult Development, and Gordon wrote chapter 21, Coaching for Post-Traumatic Growth, with Stephen Joseph.

The Psychology of Positivity and Strengths-Based Approaches at Work (2017)

Gordon wrote a chapter of this book called “Mindfulness at Work’. In the chapter he provides a brief overview of mindfulness studies before outlining the role of a Self-determination theory (SDT), a macro-theory of human motivation and personality development.

Leading Change. How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management (2015)

Over the course of 12 months, Paul interviewed 50 leaders round the world, half of them CEOs, and asked them to share stories of change interventions that worked. The book captures the essence of those stories in the form of the ‘Emerging Change Model’, a guide to successfully leading complex change interventions.

Coaching in Professional Contexts (2015)

In this book Gordon wrote a chapter called ‘Coaching for Optimal Functioning’ a theme he continues to develop with his model of ‘dialogical fitness

The Oxford Book of Happiness (2013)

In this book, edited by Ilona Boniwell, Susan A. David, and Amanda Conley Ayers, Gordon and Suzi Green wrote a chapter called ‘Introduction to Happiness Interventions’. In the chapter Gordon and Suzi notices the focus on individual happiness and direct attention to work being done at the community level.