The role of a coach supervisor is to create a reflective space for the coach, or group of coaches, to review their practice. We offer both individual and group supervision for both internal and external practitioners. Read more about our approach to supervision here.

Coach supervisors

Paul Lawrence

Paul has over 3,500 hours of coaching experience and holds a Certificate of Advanced Professional Study in Coaching Supervision from Oxford Brookes University. He supervises individuals and groups and is the Ambassador for the Association of Coaching Supervisors in Australia. Paul is on local faculty, teaching coaching supervision through the Oxford Brookes University Coaching Supervision program. Paul leverages many years of leadership experience working on organisations with a systemic approach to thinking about coaching and coach supervision. Paul works with external coaches, internal coaches and leaders.

Amy Miszalski

Amy is an experienced coach who has led HR and Organisational Development teams in Australia and in the UK supporting them to build their coaching skills.  She has led a team of 21 partnering facilitators building their facilitation and coaching skills as part of a major cultural change initiative with a large utility organisation.  Coaches seek Amy out as a thinking partner for the reflective and restorative space she provides and the fresh and systemic approach she brings to coaching and coaching supervision. Amy holds a Master of Psychology (Org) and has completed Stage 1 of the Coaching Supervision program from Oxford Brookes University. Amy works with external coaches, internal coaches and leaders in individual and group coaching and coaching supervision.