We present our research findings to audiences all over the world via workshops, webinars and podcasts. We have also started producing podcast versions of our White Papers.

White Paper podcast
August 2021

White Paper podcast
June 2021

What is Systemic Coaching? May 2021

Paul talks to Joel Monk from Coaches Rising about systemic coaching. In this conversation Paul and Joel discuss how systemic thinking can be applied in coaching, differences between adult development and systems thinking and the evolution of the coaching industry.


Coaching Systemically
May 2021

Paul talks to Barbara Walsh from Teams and Beyond about his new book ‘Coaching Systemically. Five Ways of Thinking About Systems.’


White Paper podcast
April 2021

White Paper podcast February 2021

White Paper podcast December 2020

Thinking Systemically Through a Pandemic December 2020

Paul talks to Sue Stockdale from the Association for Coaching (AC) about the value of systemic thinking in the workplace today. How do people relate to each other within organisations and how has this changed during the pandemic?


Leading Change in a Complex World November 2020

Paul chats with Murray Wright about the challenges facing leaders in a complex world.


White Paper podcast October 2020

Words & Actions: Aston University October 2020

Paul chats with Dr Erika Darics and colleagues from Aston University, talking about change management and language.


The Leadership Diet September 2020

Coaching in the Workplace September 2020

Sue Stockdale interviews Paul on How to Build a Coaching Culture; a short introductory interview conducted just prior to the AC global conference – Coaching in the Workplace.


White Paper podcast August 2020

White Paper podcast June 2020

The Game of Teams – May 2020

Tara Nolan hosts a conversation with Paul, Sue McDonnell and Dan Newby to explore the team coaching in the context of COVID-19.


The Coaching Kool-Aid – May 2020

In this conversation, recorded during the 2019 University of Sydney Evidence-Based Coaching Conference, Paul talks to Renee Lockwood and Melanie Weeks about what it means to be a ‘systemic coach’.


ICF Converge, Prague – Oct 2019

In October 2019, Paul presented a workshop at the ICF’s global conference on adult development and systems thinking.


The Game of Teams – July 2019

Paul talks with Tara Nolan (The Game of Teams) about team coaching.


ICF UK, London – May 2019

Paul presented a workshop at the 2019 ICF UK coaching conference on ‘Coaching in Three Dimensions’, bringing the book to life with stories and examples.