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In a complex world you cannot assume a predictable relationship between cause and effect. There are many factors at play, all impacting the change that emerges from any intervention.  We design evaluation strategies into your program at the beginning. The secret to good evaluation is to ensure you are watching closely the impacts of an intervention as they emerge, so you can take steps to influence outcomes on an ongoing basis.


5% of all our revenues go to funding original research. We make the results of this research freely available. Click here to read our white papers, and here to subscribe to our mailing list.


An organisation’s capacity to change is determined by its collective capacity to engage in dialogue. Dialogue is a particular form of conversation in which all possibilities are open for exploration and new insights emerge. CCO can help you develop your capacity to change and innovate at the individual, group, team and organisational level.

CCO Academy

We offer programs for coaches at all levels. Every workshop is designed and delivered by experienced coaches with strong academic qualifications. We limit all our class sizes to 12 to maximise learning.


Coaching Foundations

Coaching Foundations is a brand new program. The program is based on dialogic principles, designed to enable new coaches to navigate complex organisations. Each cohort is limited to 12 participants and works together for 10 months. Find out more by clicking on the foundations below.


Coaching Supervision Training

CCO is partnering with the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University, to offer their globally renowned Coaching Supervision training program here in Australia. This unique program offers a highly collaborative and flexible learning experience, designed for experienced coaches aspiring to be coaching supervisors. The next program starts in September 2020 (subject to COVID-19) with numbers strictly limited to 12.


Coaching in Three Dimensions

‘C3D’ expresses many aspects of our approach to coaching and change. Click on the book cover below to watch five short videos that convey key messages from the book.

The Tao of Dialogue

The Tao of Dialogue explains what we mean by ‘dialogue’ in the context of organisational change. Click on the book cover below to connect to the book website.

Association for Coaching

CCO is a member of the Association for Coaching (AC).