Susan Kroening

Susan joined Deloitte as a Director in the late nineties, where she headed HR and change management for Growth Solutions, Brisbane.  Her capacity to link strategy to implementation, and connect individuals and teams with their full potential, led to an invitation to join McKinsey and Company. In 2001, Susan began working with McKinsey’s global network of Transformational Facilitators, working in the area of cultural transformation and leadership development, within the Mindset and Capability division. Working with McKinsey’s for 12 years, Susan delivered programs in South Africa, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Over the course of her career she has worked with organisations including Anglo Coal, Woodside Energy, Worley Parsons, LG, Kookmin Bank, ANZ, Chevron, and a range of professional services firms.

With 16 years coaching experience and 29 years in facilitation and training, Susan specialises in organisational culture transformation, leadership capability, and coaching for individuals, groups and teams. Coaching themes include creating strategies for complex change, values exploration, role transitions and career planning, enhancing leadership presence and building resilience. She helps her clients to build high performing work cultures, working with cultural transformation, capability development and cultivating innovative leadership.

Susan’s facilitation experience includes the Woodside Performance Leadership Program in which 2,000 Woodside employees participated. Results (as measured by post-program surveys) indicated that employee engagement measures increased by 25 – 60%. She also facilitated ANZ BREAKOUT workshops, a program in which 26,000 employees participated. Susan’s role was to facilitate the top 300 Senior Leaders Programs and the next two tiers of leadership.  As a result of the work ANZ become an Employer of Choice, rated Hewitt’s Highest Employee Engagement Score, and reduced its cost-income ratio from 65% to 46%.