Padraig O’Sullivan

In his last corporate role Padraig was Asia Pacific president for a global product and consulting organisation. Under his stewardship the local organisation grew by over 250% in 3 years. Previous career paths have seen Padraig as an entrepreneur in his own right, leading a health care business unit (ANZ) for a Multinational talent and acquisition organisation. Prior to that he was the national sales and marketing leader in a medical devices organisation. Padraig started his career in a clinical healthcare setting specialising in cardiac surgery.

Padraig has over 20 years leadership and coaching experience encompassing Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He specialises in both individual, team and large group work and has delivered programs in 15 countries globally. He particularly enjoys supporting CEOs who are leading organisational evolutions or transformations. Padraig takes a pragmatic but entirely human approach to blending a strategic business orientation and human behavioural focus with a ‘fun to learn’ approach. He has been described (more than once) as the iron in a velvet glove.

Padraig is author of a series of international books “Foreigner in Charge: Success Strategies for Expat Leaders”. He has been published in academic journals and featured as a ‘resident expert’ on FOXTEL cable TV and Qantas airlines in flight radio. He is an Honorary Fellow at Sydney Business School and has lectured on High Performing Teams on the Masters of Business Coaching program. He has a podcast called The Leadership Diet, where he discusses leadership and high performing teams with C suite executives and related experts.