Pauline Triggiani

Pauline lives in Sydney and has invested more than 25 years in leadership and management in the corporate sector. With a background covering various disciplines including customer operations, information technology management and program management, Pauline’s experience is grounded in sound practical business experience.

Her past experience includes launching, managing and leading newly formed customer service operations for Commonwealth Bank of Australia and MMI Insurance subsidiaries. She was responsible for supporting organisational business transformation for the NRMA post demutualisation. And she was responsible for successfully managing a business transformation program at the NRMA impacting 2,000 employees.

Pauline’s passion throughout her career has always been people. Developing leaders who deliver exceptional results has been the core of her desires and achievement in her leadership and management career and this seamlessly transitions to her coaching and facilitation expertise. Pauline looks at each person as an individual with specific strengths and opportunities. She uses her intuition, experience and qualifications to guide them quickly to much higher levels of output and satisfaction.