Mihall O’Curraoin

Mihall works with motivated executives and leaders, primarily in Agile or new-to-Agile environments, who are keen to take their leadership to the next level and to excel in the areas that are important to them. Working with individual leaders, Mihall takes a person-centred, solution-focused approach, co-creating a space of mutual trust and respect, in which to effectively uncover blindspots and challenge current embedded ways of thinking and acting.

Recognising that  teams, at all levels, are the primary unit of delivery and performance in organisations, and that teams in turn operate within complex organisational systems, Mihall draws on the latest evidence-based systemic models and approaches to help the leader and their leadership team think through and identify priority strategies to improve overall system effectiveness. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience working in complex Agile environments, as an executive coach, enterprise agile coach and leader, he has faced many of the same challenges his clients experience. This gives him a deep understanding of both the challenges and the opportunities available through coaching and an appreciation of what is required to excel at the inner game of Agile leadership

Mihall is a committed mindfulness practitioner and advocate of positive psychological approaches.