Mark Powell

Mark is based in Singapore and has succeeded in multiple careers. He worked for 20 years in financial services, leading newly formed business units and helping to re-generate existing businesses through innovative product initiatives. These included leadership roles in business banking, debt markets, and funds management for both Citibank and Macquarie Bank in Australia. He also took ownership of a select financial services publication and revived it before selling it on. After time in seed capital, he launched another start-up business that he operated and on sold.

Over the past 15 years Mark has founded and led his own businesses in both Hong Kong & Singapore focusing on assisting senior executives and their teams to rise to their challenges and become the best they can be. In 2017 he joined the Asia Faculty for delivering the Academy of Executive Coaching’s Certificate program in Systemic Team Coaching. This broad business experience has given Mark considerable expertise in the process of change. He is best suited to assignments where a senior executive is leading a significant change initiative, is seeking to take their team in a new direction, or where the leader and team are facing their own transformation. He is well placed to assist senior executives to develop and lead through their own authentic presence, and in helping diverse leadership teams to find ways of generating innovative solutions that align around a shared purpose.

Mark has worked with over 250 leaders and 20 executive teams across fifteen countries. Mark is Australian, however spends his time travelling across the Asian region. He has lived in Singapore for 11 years and lived previously in Hong Kong for 6 years. He is a former international rugby referee and maintains a keen interest in health, fitness and optimal performance. He is personally committed to his own mindfulness journey and when and where appropriate brings this into his coaching work.