Josie McLean

Josie is based in Adelaide, and is one of the co-founding practitioners of the professional coaching industry in Australia. Prior to commencing her own consulting/ coaching firm in 1999, her career included strategic planning in the automotive and finance sectors, credit analysis in a merchant bank, and operation of the branch of a finance company.

Josie’s area of expertise is change, including leadership development and organisational cultural change. She employs a holistic, systemic and pragmatic approach that reaches people’s hearts and minds and cultivates the conditions for genuine transformational change to emerge. Josie is sensitive to the deeper developmental needs of her clients, who enjoy her ability to challenge their thinking in ways that are fun and exciting.

Since 1999, Josie has designed and delivered developmental programs in the public and private sectors, blue-chip companies, community organisations and with indigenous leaders. She has a wide range of ‘modalities’ including executive coaching, group coaching, team coaching, leadership programs and specialised interventions. She has over 5,000 hours of coaching experience.

In 2017, Josie completed her doctoral research at the University of Adelaide Business School. Her thesis explored how sustainable and sustaining organisations may be formed. This entails a deep understanding of concepts such as sustainability, change, leadership, and transformation. She utilised Action Research to complete her thesis; exploring theory through doing. Josie’s thesis was awarded a Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Excellence.

In her spare time, Josie enjoys her now grown family of three children and bush walking with her husband.