Amy Miszalski

Amy is based in Sydney. Her organisational experience spans 20 years, with leadership roles in HR and program management across utilities, construction, not-for-profit, and federal government. Amy has also worked for the St James Ethics Centre and draws on this experience to shape her work with leaders around values and the development of authentic culture.

As a coach and facilitator Amy draws on her background in business and as an organisational psychologist. She has been working with individuals and teams for more than 10 years, specialising in change, team dynamics, values and ethics, and strategic partnering.

Amy has a reputation for OD thought leadership in enhancing employee engagement and delivering behavioural outcomes from organisational cultural programs. She places great emphasis on aligning her work to organisational strategic outcomes.

As a coach, Amy brings a strengths-based, solutions-focused and systemic approach to partner with individuals, groups and teams to enhance effectiveness and realise potential. With a passion for development and change, coaching enables Amy to use her personal strengths of listening, empathy, learning and insight. Amy is committed to building resourcefulness and capability and the value of this is provided in ongoing feedback from her clients.

Amy has three young children and whilst balancing her family and career, she volunteers as a Primary Ethics teacher at her children’s local school. She teaches kindergarten and year 5/6 students, helping them to build their ethical reasoning, collaborative inquiry and critical thinking skills.