Allan Tillack

Allan is an experienced international leader with a track record of turning businesses around and driving growth for top-tier global companies. As Chairman of the industry association, he engaged with senior ministers and department heads within government as well as regulatory authorities such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Allan now works with senior executives, across four continents, helping them to improve performance, fulfil their potential and drive their own businesses to new and greater heights.

Allan brings practicality and pragmatism to his coaching, leadership development and consulting, having had extensive experience leading senior executive teams. He has helped leaders to turn around businesses and to move from a functional/technical management orientation to adopting an enterprise mindset. As a General Manager, his desire was to develop the strategic direction of the organisation, along with developing his senior leadership teams’ critical understanding of the leadership shadow that they cast, and how this significantly impacted both the culture of the organisation and financial results. Transition into a senior leadership role can be very difficult with many unanticipated challenges, particularly when moving from a role of technical expert and in organisations with high performance cultures.

A deep interest in senior executive development and assisting newly appointed senior executives in accelerating their ability to lead with impact, led Allan to complete the Master of Business Coaching in 2019. Recent executive coaching assignments encompass a cross-cultural perspective and include engagements at continental director, managing director, general manager, HR director and business unit director levels across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Based in Sydney, Allan is married with two children. His passions include wine collecting, cycling and cricket. In the summer, weekends may well see him umpiring a local cricket match.