Alex Paizes

Alex’s facilitation and coaching expertise is complemented by his extensive experience in leadership roles as an executive director, general manager, legal counsel and marketing manager in a large, multinational insurance company. This hands-on experience enables him to provide his clients with the assurance that he can relate to and empathise with their challenges as well as share relevant stories, techniques and perspectives to support, guide and assist them.

Alex’s leadership journey included being a member of a high-level team responsible for developing and implementing strategies for growth, customer retention and service excellence whilst also identifying and developing talent management and succession planning strategies. This holistic experience has helped shape Alex’s underlying belief in the importance of combining the science of management with the art of leadership.

Alex is experienced in delivering executive coaching and facilitated workshops and team interventions. Areas of focus include leadership development, culture and change management, team building, team effectiveness, vision building and strategy planning and implementation. His focus is on increasing the capability and performance of leaders and their teams. Whether in facilitated workshops or one-on-one coaching, Alex uses a supportive and encouraging style to help his clients deal with change, cope with uncertainty and ambiguity, strive for promotion, and to improve their capacity to influence others. He helps leaders to become more strategic, visionary and inspirational, and to lead through restructures, mergers and acquisitions.

Alex has worked with a diverse range of clients across various industry sectors, in Australia and internationally, including insurance, finance, banking, law, mining, health, education, retail, hospitality, and government.