Our purpose is to help you change; at the individual level, team level and organisational level. We understand change – change is mediated through dialogue. An effective coach is good at dialogue; at listening and saying what needs to be said. Contemporary change theory recognises that in a complex world you cannot mandate change or control change, you can only guide and influence change by creating the conditions for dialogue – change emerges from dialogue.

All our coaches have learned to become dialogic and systemic through their experience working with, and for, organisations. We know you cannot change an organisation one person at a time – that is the old paradigm. To attempt to do so is to ignore the relational nature of leadership. We must think and work at the systemic level.  This means noticing and working with patterns of dialogue.

We are committed to become better at what we do. We conduct our own ongoing program of original research, the results of which are published in academic journals and translated into easy-to-read white papers. Coaching is still a young industry with a lot of growing still to do. We are committed to play our own small role in contributing to the further evolution of coaching as it transitions from its traditional focus on skills and competencies to something more holistic and mature. We have our own Academy, the purpose of which is to further develop the capability of coaches, especially internal coaches and leaders.

We like to summarise who we are in three words/phrases:

Impacts  – We design holistic interventions that deliver sustainable business outcomes

Insights – We undertake and publish our own original research into the effectiveness of coaching, leadership and change

Innovation – We can help you change at the individual, group, team and organisational level

We are the Centre for Coaching in Organisations.  We believe in the power of coaching as a tool to unleash systemic, sustainable change. Our services include:

  • Individual coaching, team and group coaching
  • Coaching skills programs and coaching culture strategies
  • Coach education – the CCO Academy
  • Leadership development
  • Change management